My Party Girl


Chloe is my Party Girl. She loves to have a good laugh and she especially likes to open presents. I think year round her favorite thing in the world is to open presents, so on her birthday she is ecstatic. When I asked her, she confirmed my suspicion that the presents were her favorite part, […]

Frosting on the Cake


As I continue the blog I started a couple months back about parties and cakes, I find myself wishing I had taken better photos of the events I hosted. I think by the time I am finished running errands, setting up the party, and frosting the cake — literally, I forget to document the highlights […]

Outsourcing Your Party


Sometimes a kid’s birthday party just needs to be easy. When they’re younger, kids love to have parties at arcades and and other fun places that offer party packages. This year we tried Jump Street. I have hosted kid parties at several other places but this year’s Jump Street party for my 8-year-old was a […]

Costumes Everyone!


What party repertoire would be complete without a good Halloween party? This year I got to help with a great party for a good cause. This sponsored event raised money for Savarese Amateur Association (a 501c nonprofit organization). Lou Savarese, a pro boxer and heavyweight champ who fought Tyson, Foreman, and Holyfield to name a […]



One element that seems constant at most parties is that living, breathing, brimstone eating creature we call fire. Oh the joy it brings when tamed. The light it sheds, the excitement it brings makes it a great piece to any party — even if it is just a flicker on those little sticks of wax […]

Rights of Passage

My Warriors!

Combine a handful of 7th grade boys on the last day of school with an arsenal of Airsoft weapons and my sons’s birthday and you get a party that screamed for an encore! The first Epic Airsoft Battle went down a little like this: The boys had so much fun at this party they plotted […]

Tea Time


Every once in a while I’ll throw a party that people just keep talking about. This was one of them. For my youngest daughter’s 5th birthday, I served a princess tea party. The invitations stated to come dressed as a princess, and upon arrival each princess got to make her own hat. I ordered a […]

Cake Cake Cake


I love cake. It’s my weakness. So when I get a chance to go all out and make fun cakes, I really go all out. Granted, I’m not a pastry chef, nor have I received any formal training in cake decorating. But I let my creativity fly, and sometimes I get something awesome. Here are […]

Party Inspiration


I’m always looking online for inspiration and ideas to make my parties unique and fun. I found this blog by Candace Braun Davison, Lifestyle Editor at while I was looking for some ideas for party food for a sponsored Halloween charity event I am helping plan.  I enjoy reading the content she shares. There were […]