Jurassic Birthday turns Lord of the Flies

invite-front-rgbThis is hands down one of my favorite parties of all time. For my son’s 10th birthday I planned a prehistoric birthday explosion. Have you ever see what happens when you put mentos in a 2liter bottle of big red? Its a geyser! I set the scene with a custom constructed volcano that acted as a launch pad. Fog machines in the yard with light machines reflecting off of and shining through the fog added an awesome visual element (especially late that night after all the kids went to sleep). I also created a 15 minutes soundtrack of insect ambience, dinosaur roars, animal screeches, and human screams that I played from speakers around the yard hidden in the bushes.

img_1865The first mission for this group of a dozen 10 year-old boys was to find all the hidden big red bottles. I bought these nifty Mentos Geyeser Tubes that screw on to the bottle top and have a string you pull so a whole pack of mentos goes into the big red shooting red foamy froth 25 feet in the air. The boys loved it! I had enough on hand that everyone got to create a blast at least once.
Then the real fun started. Something changed on the boy’s faces. I don’t know if it was the sugar, caffeine, and red #5 that made them go primal, but as the sun set they turned into a pack of heathens bathing in red like they were in battle.


A unique cake is always part of my birthday parties and this was the best. I was on a diet at the time and spent countless hours on the elliptical thinking about and planning this cake. I used the concept of the cake ball but instead of just rolling little balls, I stuffed jumbo Easter eggs with the cake. I saved room in each egg to fill with blue or green frosting (the yoke) then closed the egg molds and froze them. After they set and I removed the mold, I coated each with a white candy coating and sprinkled with blue or green decorating dust. The nest was made from rice crispy treats. I made the treat mixture, but while it was still warm, I molded it into the shape of a nest and coated it with melted chocolate. It looked like mud, but tasted so much better. I even got some fake foliage and stuck it in the rice crispy nest like the mama dino was trying to hide her eggs from predators. But we found them – and ate them all, and then ate the nest, too!



Let the Fun Begin

Who doesn’t like a good party? Well, I know there are people out there that will say they don’t like a good party. And we’ve all been to parties we didn’t like. But the whole point of a party is to celebrate something, and we as humans need to celebrate – on occasion. I am a mom of 3 and I have thrown a birthday party for each birthday for each of my kids without fail. But early on in my formative party years I found myself caught in the “Bounce House & Pinata” trap; a timeless classic albeit frozen in time — and boring. Sure the kids still had fun, but they were 5-year-olds. After a few of those run of the mill obligatory birthday parties I thought to myself “why can’t I be more creative with these things and have some fun, too?”

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Somehow this realization that (even as a mom) I could still use my creative talents, and incorporate them into the shaping of my children through celebrations, really sparked me up. I started planning birthday parties months in advance. I found myself helping friends and family with weddings, quinceañeras and family reunions. I removed any imaginary boundaries boxing me in and opened a limitless scope of imagination to create unique elements in every event I contributed to.

Since that awakening, I make sure there’s some element in each party I throw that’s out of the ordinary, unique or just freaking awesome! If you are interested in being inspired to get more creative with festive occasions in your life, then check out my new blog: “Festive Anomalies”. I’m going to share some of the ideas that make my parties so much fun that my son’s friends sit around the cafeteria table at school asking him what kind of party he’s having this year.