Tea Time


Every once in a while I’ll throw a party that people just keep talking about. This was one of them. For my youngest daughter’s 5th birthday, I served a princess tea party. The invitations stated to come dressed as a princess, and upon arrival each princess got to make her own hat. I ordered a […]

Cake Cake Cake


I love cake. It’s my weakness. So when I get a chance to go all out and make fun cakes, I really go all out. Granted, I’m not a pastry chef, nor have I received any formal training in cake decorating. But I let my creativity fly, and sometimes I get something awesome. Here are […]

Party Inspiration


I’m always looking online for inspiration and ideas to make my parties unique and fun. I found this blog by Candace Braun Davison, Lifestyle Editor at delish.com while I was looking for some ideas for party food for a sponsored Halloween charity event I am helping plan.  I enjoy reading the content she shares. There were […]

Let the Fun Begin


Who doesn’t like a good party? Well, I know there are people out there that will say they don’t like a good party. And we’ve all been to parties we didn’t like. But the whole point of a party is to celebrate something, and we as humans need to celebrate – on occasion. I am […]