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I love cake. It’s my weakness. So when I get a chance to go all out and make fun cakes, I really go all out. Granted, I’m not a pastry chef, nor have I received any formal training in cake decorating. But I let my creativity fly, and sometimes I get something awesome.

Here are a few “themed” cakes I’ve created; mostly for my kids birthday parties.

img_8810Camping Cake: For my son’s 10th birthday party, we pitched a tent in the back yard and let the boys have a camp out. It was pretty funny sitting in the shadows late that night listening to boys in the tent tell stories -flashlights held up to their faces for effect. I played on this theme with the cake. I made a tent from fruit roll ups and pretzel sticks for the poles. Candy sleeping bags and marshmallow pillows. I mad a fire ring out of marshmallows I tore and dusted with cocoa powder, and piled broken Hershey chocolate pieces in the middle as kindling.

img_3215Steam Punk: When my daughter turned 14, she was into Steam Punk. Themed parties, not so much. So I took the chance to make her a cool cake. This one was definitely a challenge. My goal was to have 3 cake layers of gears, cogs, and clock faces. The first hurdle was trying to get the top 2 layers balanced. I wrapped some support poles with fondant and sprayed with an edible metallic copper to look like copper pipes. I make my own fondant, by the way. It tastes so much better than store bought. Plus it’s pretty easy and a huge stress reliever to make. It’s like playing with a tasty sweet stress ball. Check out this fondant tutorial if you want to learn more. I made the clock face from fondant including the arms and numbers. I also used the fondant to make the telltale Steam Punk patched metal sheets – complete with candy rivets. This cake was a challenge both structurally and in all the details. And it was so worth it to see my daughter’s face light up when she saw her Steam Punk Cake!

Dinosaur Eggs: See these in my post “Jurassic Birthday turns Lord of the Fliesimg_1765

Some pretty cakes: I held a delightful little tea party for my youngest daughter’s 5th birthday. It included a pretty, 2 tiered cake covered in rose colored rose swirls. Everything was pink and pastel and light and fluffy. But when I cut into that perfect princess cake we had a burst of colors with Duff’s super bright tie-dye cake mix. It was a fun little surprise for the girls.img_2695


I decorated this cylindrical cake with black and purple ribbon frosting. This was a fun technique to try. My daughter and her friends accepted the offering, took the cake away with some forks and returned the plate later, empty.



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