Frosting on the Cake

As I continue the blog I started a couple months back about parties and cakes, I find myself wishing I had taken better photos of the events I hosted. I think by the time I am finished running errands, setting up the party, and frosting the cake — literally, I forget to document the highlights I like most about the party. Some events I have an abundance of photos to choose from for a post. Other times, I can remember that perfect shot, but didn’t take it.

This blog has pushed me out of my comfort zone a little bit – in a good way. I have written for business, but this blog is personal. In my mind, there is a stigma attached with my thoughts and actions being available for anyone in the world to see. I find myself being very selective of the words I use and the topics I choose. Through this experience, I have come to recognize how important having a personal blog is for anyone in my field. The career path I plan to take will definitely require competence in social media and having a well done blog will help me as I start applying for my dream job.

WordPress is a great tool for blogging. Heck, it’s a great tool for just building highly functional websites without having to know too much code. Because it’s open-source, there are (at the time of writing this) almost 50 thousand wordpress plugins. It seems like there is a plugin for almost anything! This is a great pool to pull from when a project requires something specific. The downside to this is that sometimes there’s a lot of sifting through plugins till you find the right one. I can get lost in plugins for days. I can easily try 5 or 6 plugins for one specific application until I get the right one. Still, I’d rather have too many choices over too few, any day.


Blogging can be as effective as my reach. I found during this semester that I need to work more on promoting my brand through efforts such as this blog, Facebook and Twitter. Part of finding how effective my promotions are is through tracking. I also realized, a little late, that I didn’t have my stats running during most of this semester. I usually use Yoast for analytics and SEO, but I didn’t have that plugin installed. So for the duration of a week or so, my stats show that Outsourcing your party is my most popular post for the week, month and year. Of course that data is inaccurate for applying to the whole year or month, but at least I can see that it has double the visits than the next highest visited post.

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