Outsourcing Your Party

Sometimes a kid’s birthday party just needs to be easy. When they’re younger, kids love to have parties at arcades and and other fun places that offer party packages. This year we tried Jump Street. I have hosted kid parties at several other places but this year’s Jump Street party for my 8-year-old was a great experience. I have to mention affordability here. Jump Street, for the same number of kids, came out to almost half what I’ve spent at other establishments. This was in-part due to the fact that I threw this part on a weeknight when the rates were significantly less. I wasn’t sure what the turn out would be, since I usually throw birthday parties on the weekend, but 10 of the 12 people my daughter invited actually showed – a better percentage than usual even for weekends. This weeknight party thing might be a keeper!

The kids had a blast climbing on foam pillars and bouncing on the indoor trampolines. Half the parents dropped their kids and left, but the parents that stayed were able to sit back and relax while their kids jumped out all their excess energy.

I wanted to surprise my daughter with  an awesome cake and this year she has been into Shopkin’s Kooky (pronounced the same as cookie) Cookie. There is an entire fan club out there calling themselves “Cookie Fans”. So I made a Kooky Cookie cake. An interesting aspect of this cookie character is that is has bites taken out of it, so when I made the cake I had to create this using a tall glass. I also made my own fondant so the pretty outside actually tastes pretty good, too.



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