Party Inspiration

I’m always looking online for inspiration and ideas to make my parties unique and fun. I found this blog by Candace Braun Davison, Lifestyle Editor at while I was looking for some ideas for party food for a sponsored Halloween charity event I am helping plan.  I enjoy reading the content she shares.

2016-10-16-1There were a few things that kept me looking at her blog for longer than it took to load all the images. First off it didn’t take forever to load all the images, and second I could see clearly by the featured images what each piece is about. The layout is easy to use and easy to find the inspiration I’m looking for.  I found this recipe for glow in the dark Jello shots that look like a lot of fun for this Halloween party, Savarese Fight Fit Halloween.

Candace has several blog posts on this theme that I have gotten inspiration from. She’s even detailed homemade Halloween candy and what to do with left over candy from trick-or-treating.  It will be interesting to see what influence her posts will have on this upcoming Halloween party.

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