Tea Time

Every once in a while I’ll throw a party that people just keep talking about. This was one of them. For my youngest daughter’s 5th birthday, I served a princess tea party. The invitations stated to come dressed as a princess, and upon arrival each princess got to make her own hat. I ordered a couple dozen colorful straw hats from a bulk wholesaler online. Granted it took them a month to arrive, but that’s when planning ahead really pays.

10After their hats were complete the girls moved to the tea room – an elaborately decorated lounge (aka my family game room). I purchased demitasse porcelain tea cups and saucers and mini tea pots. I staged the table in the middle of the room and circled it with comfortable seating for the moms. I think they had as much fun watching their daughters as the girls did at the party.

21To create the ambiance of this room, I utilized strips of fabric that I tacked to the ceiling then tied with a sash to create a curtain effect. I made a faux movie screen on the wall by draping another piece of fabric to mimic the velvet curtains that used to hang in the old movie theaters. Projected were a series of hand selected fairy tale images. I chose Disney Princess songs to play while they enjoyed their “tea” (it was really juice).


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